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GB 4 Global Solutions

We help support U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. federal government agencies.

GB4 Global Solutions is a US Military Veteran owned and operated company.  This is very important because we have developed and maintained an extensive pipeline of candidates, knowledge of government infrastructure, resources, influences and regulations.

At GB4 Global Solutions, our staff are trained to source, profile and match the most qualified professionals to complete specific tasks.  We have a diverse, multi-lingual staff which offers flexibility during negotiations and assignments.  We make sure that the candidates selected are highly informed and capable of accomplishing the mission so that they and the clients maintain a harmonious relationship.  This is essential because it’s just as important to solidify and maintain those offers.

Grow your revenue as a GB4 Global Solutions strategic partner.  Become a GB4 Global Solutions strategic partner and meet the facility support needs of customers of all sizes, in all industries.

Whether you operate in IT, Logistics, Engineering, Security or Military Government Defense Contracting or more partnering with GB4 Global Solutions can help you gain more satisfied customers and increase revenue to your existing business.

At GB4 Global Solutions, we are constantly revolutionizing the staffing, recruiting and marketing industry.  If you are seeking a company with high morals, honesty and integrity, we welcome communication with small and large corporations.  Partnership is the way of the future, so please contact us!




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GB 4 Global Solutions
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